Jessica Bradley Annex

Jessica Bradley Annex

26.10.12 - 19.01.13

Toronto, Canada

Solitude and Late Program showing in the inaugural exhibition of the new Jessica Bradley Annex.

Builders: Candian Biennial 2012

National Gallery of Canada

01.11.12 - 02.01.13

Ottawa, Canada

Curated by Jonathan Shaughnessy

Majestic [2011] Street Light, steel, wire, light, 12 x 12 x 10 m
Gift from Donald R. and Beth Sobey, Collection of the National Gallery of Canada

Upon the invitation of The Third of May, Majestic was produced for a Satellite project of the New Orleans Biennale, and has now been permanently installed in the sculptor garden of the National Gallery of Canada. Majestic takes its name from a local New Orleans funeral home where the piece was originally conceived.

Sobey Art Award Exhibition


09.11.12 - 30.12.12

Toronto, Canada

Stick to Resist (autonomous version) [2003] Electrical magnet, battery, keyboard, electro-luminescent diodes, charger, carrying case
Collection of the National Gallery of Canada

The Mocca will present an exhibition of past winners’ of the Sobey Art Award,  selected from the collection of the National Gallery of Ottawa.

Who’s Afraid of the Cylinder, Sphere and Cone? Geometry in the Landscape, an Alternative Vision of the Environment

Departmental Museum of Contemporary Art Rouchechouart

06.10.12 - 16.12.12

Rouchechouart, France

Curated by Teneze Annabelle

Black Whole Conference will be  part of this group show. The exhibition illustrates how elementary figures have permeated visions of landscapes from the Land Art movement up to the present day, shifting the way we view our environment, whether by provoking astonishment, irony, amusement or even foreboding.

Montréal / Brooklyn : Vidéozones

Galerie de l'UQAM

19.10.12 - 08.12.12

Montréal, Canada

Curated by La Fabrique d’expositions and Boshko Boskovic


Cut into the Dark 2010
Video HD, Blu Ray, colour, sound, 4min 2 sec

Vidéozones is a compilation of videos by seven Quebec artists and six Brooklyn artists.

Songe d’une nuit d’été – Sunset

Frac Poitou-Charentes

01.04.12 - 20.11.12

Linazay, France

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Shared Propulsion Car   2005
Modified automobile body, pedals, seats and candles, 430 x 160 x 120 cm

This group exhibition, entitled Songe d’une nuit d’été (Midsummer Night’s Dream), plays host to artworks from the collections of the Frac Centre, the Frac des Pays de la Loire and the Frac Poitou-Charentes, and is presented as a trail across 13 sites in the Loire Valley combining contemporary art and heritage. As part of this exhibition, the Frac Poitou-Charentes presents SUNSET;  a selection of works inspired by the themes of the play by William Shakespeare: withdrawal from the world, nonconformity, a shared utopian, sensuality, forces of nature, the supernatural, and fun. Included in this show is a recent acquisition of de Broin’s work: Shared Propulsion Car.

Salons – Convivialité, Écologie et Vie Pratique

Domaine de Chamarande

13.05.12 - 30.09.12

Chamarande, France


Tortoise (tunnel)   2012
Poplar wood (taken from Domaine de Chamarande), 400 x 229 x 220 cm

Tortoise est une œuvre en lien avec les usages du parc et la tradition du repas en plein air à Chamarande et l’appropriation des tables du parc par ses usagers. Sur le modèle de la « formation de la tortue » inventée par la légion romaine, l’oeuvre construit, à partir des tables de pique-nique, est une sorte de machine de guerre où les enfants peuvent se glisser et échapper à leurs parents. La banalité est bousculée par cette usage alternatif des éléments de mobilier.


Hangman   2012
Pedestrian signal & steel post, 350cm

Ce signal piéton pendu à son poteau accidenté soulève la question de l’espace public et des usages que nous en faisons. La ville d’aujourd’hui est façonnée pour l’automobile. Elle est essentiellement dédiée à la circulation et au stationnement, au mépris des piétons qui, chassés de la chaussée, sont considérés comme des usagers de seconde zone, en bordure des voies. Ce questionnement, inattendu dans un jardin, espace dédié aux piétons, joue sur la contradiction de l’expérience du visiteur à pied avec la place du piéton en ville. Il s’interroge sur l’espace public que nous voulons pour la ville de demain.


Hangman   2012
Two new works commissioned by Domaine de Chamarande for their summer exhibition.



09.08.12 - 08.09.12

Toronto, Canada

Curated by Germaine Koh


Reparations 2004
bottles, pump and launching ramp in a display case, 40 x 60 x 40 cm

Toolkit is an exhibition of human-scaled objects that give pause for thought. Made by practitioners of critical design, contemporary art and social action, and existing in the realm of furniture, products and utensils, these are implements — some speculative, some fully operational — that disrupt habitual actions and interactions, and allow us to consider alternatives. For this group exhibition, Reparations – A Re-evaluation of Waste is presented along the work of Sonny Assu, Daniel Olson, Justin Gologorsky, Instant Coffee, Onkar Singh Kular, Chris Lindsay, Heidi Nagtegaal, Ken Nicol and Sascha Pohflepp

Summer Exhibition

Galerie Division

23.06.12 - 18.08.12

Montréal, Canada


Tortoise   2012
Silkscreen ink, pigments and beeswax on Russian birch panel, 16″ x 24″
Tortoise   2012
Silkscreen ink, pigments and beeswax on Russian birch panel, 30″ x 45″


Tortoise Drawings   2012
Pencil on Paper, 48 x 60 cm


Tortoise Models   2012
wood, variable dimensions

Vivement Demain

Musée d'art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne

15.03.12 - 20.07.12

Paris, France

Curated by Alexia Fabre

Dossier de presse


Installation view of Reciprocal Energy.
As part of the new arrangement of their recent acquisitions, Michel de Broin’s work, Reciprocal Energy is currently on show at the MAC / VAL. This project seeks to draw attention to a particular problem: the fact that automobile drivers and their automobiles are not yet sufficiently well assembled. In effect, when the human body uses a machine, it economises a certain quantity of energy. The energy provided by the ingestion of food is then stored in the form of fats. At the same time as the automobile driver stores energy and accumulates fat, the automobile consumes fossil fuel and wastes energy resources. Why not couple man and machine in order to resolve both the problem of obesity and the energy crisis? The automobile could in fact acquire its energy directly from the driver. This coupling would make possible an intimate reciprocity between man and machine. Moreover, the use of fat as a fuel would contribute to resolving the problem of which it is itself a symptom by maintaining the resource both renewable and accessible.

Station   2008

Polymer coated cardboard, fluorescent lighting, plastic, wood
The model presents a development project for a liposuction clinic directly related to a gas station where the human fat will be resold as anthropo-diesel fuel. The liquidating of fat will be refunded at the market price of biodiesel (per liter), wherein the price of fuel reaches that of the cost of extraction by liposuction.

Station   2008

Transesterification   2008
HDV video, 2 min 33 sec
Transesterification is a chemical process whereby human fat is transformed into anthropo-diesel fuel.  The chemical reaction is catalyzed by the addition of alcohol (CH4O) and caustic acid (NaOH).  The video depicts a suspicious car in a deserted parking lot performing a senseless dance. The vehicle’s interior is saturated with smoke, as if processes of combustion were occurring inside the car. The driver disappears in the dazzling white light.


Musée National des beaux arts du Québec

15.03.12 - 25.06.12


Curated by Kitty Scott

Press Release Here


Installation View of Cut into the Dark   2010
Video HD, colour, sound, 4 mins 2 secs

“Since 2007 Kitty Scott has overseen multiple residencies touching on contemporary plein-air practices, a theme she continues to highlight in the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec exhibition À Ciel Ouvert: Le Nouveau Pleinairisme. Acting as a guest curator for the MNBAQ, Scott has brought together works by a range of artists spanning from international heavy-hitters to younger Canadian up-and-comers. The grouping provides various perspectives onto this theme”. À Ciel Ouvert: The Art of the Outdoors Review by Leah Sandals, Canadian Art. As part of this group exhibition, showing alongside other contemporary artists such as Francis Alÿs, Anri Sala, Peter Doig, Geneviève Cadieux, Cyprien Gaillard & Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Michel de Broin has been invited to show his video work Cut into the Dark and its sister sculpture Pile. In this video, a protagonist cuts down a lamppost with a chainsaw. The operation lasts several minutes before it tumbles to the ground. In the roar the lightbulbs shatter and instantly plunge us into darkness. The darkness left by the absence of light allows a shadowy zone to emerge where one can from now on better observe the night.

Pile   2010
Lamppost, variable dimensions
Installation view from the Musée National des beaux arts du Québec of the lamppost cut into pieces and piled-up like a wood cord.

La Fabrique Sonore

Domaine Pommery

22.09.11 - 30.03.12

Reims, France

Curated by Claire Staebler & Charles Carcopino

Press Release


Silent Screaming   2006
Alarm, bell jar, vacuum pump & water, Variable dimensions

La Fabrique Sonore, Pommery Experience #9 is a group exhibition set within the ancient cellars of Domaine Pommery, comprising of 30 international artists. Silent Screaming was shown As part of the exhibition. The device is designed to silence an alarm system by creating a vacuum, an environment where sound cannot travel. The movement of the hammer striking the bell jar is visible but the alarm “scream” is inaudible. As the name suggests, Silent Screaming is a sound work that silently invites the viewer to visualize its sound.

Bright Matter

Jessica Bradley Art + Projects

18.02.12 - 17.03.12


Canadian Art review by Sarah Milroy

Installation View

Migration [2002] Inkjet Print, 61 x 76 cm

Truncated Icosahedron [2012] Chairs & metal clamps, 226 x 97 x 218 cm

Installation View

Tour de bureaux [2012] Graphite, watercolour, acrylic, gouache, 97 x 127 cm

Polychrome Mobilisation [2002] C-print, 100 x 100 cm

Drunken Brawl [2011] Silent NTSC video 4:3 , 5 min 35 sec
Three empty drink cans are observed by a fixed camera. Blown around randomly in a fenced-off urban corner, they clash, disperse and regroup in ever-changing configurations. Cast-off urban detritus becomes anthropomorphically charged in this quiet, deadpan moment of attentive looking.

Relief [2008-12] Plaster & inkjet print, [Sculpture] 43 x 61 x 30 cm, [photo]  41 x 61 cm


New Orleans Biennial Satellite Project

22.10.11 - 29.01.12

New Orleans, USA

The 3rd of May Arts Inc.

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Majestic   2011
Street Lights, steel, wire, light, 12 x 12 x 10 m
Upon the invitation of The Third of May, Majestic was produced for a Satelite project of the New Orleans Biennale. Majestic takes its name from a local New Orleans funeral home where the piece was originally conceived. Majestic is a satellite-shaped structure constructed from authentic New Orleans street lamps uprooted by Hurricane Katrina. Reassembled around a core made from steel, the street lights are resurrected. The work questions the notions of horizon, equilibrium and entropy, referring to the solidarity with which the people rebuilt the city of New Orleans.

Installation shot taken downtown in New Orleans, at the corner of Common St and South Rampart St.


Car Fetish. I drive, therefore I am

Museum Tinguely

08.06.11 - 09.10-11

Basel, Switzerland

Press Release


Shared Propulsion Car (video stills)   2005

Shared Propulsion Car, is currently on show at the Museum Tinguely in Basel. The group exhibition focused on artworks about and made from the automobile.