One Thousand Speculations

Hearn Power Station

10.06.16 - 26.06.16


Luminato Festival 2016






For the second time, Luminato Festival presents One Thousand Speculations, a 7.9 metre in diameter ball made up of 1,000 mirrors. It is an extraordinarily large mirror ball that reflects light to transform the space where it is installed. This time it will be suspended inside the Hearn Generating Station on an existing bridge crane above the over 300 meter long Turbine Hall. It will provide an unexpected experience of the historic power station, reflecting light in all possible directions. The slowly turning sculpture scans the entire space of the decommissioned power station, highlighting detail after detail of this majestic building, bringing it to life again. Each singular speck of light moving along the walls offers a new read of the building. Looking closely at the fascinating shapes of light travelling like clouds in sky, one might spot sea animals, bacteria, faces, the infinite and the infinitesimal. Visitors are invited to play this “Pareidolia” game of perceiving hidden patterns in these abstract shapes. The word speculation comes from the Latin speculum, which means mirror. Mirroring the world is an attempt to represent it, to make sense of what exceeds our understanding. The Thousand Speculations gives a multitude of reflections to look upon.