One Thousand Speculations


One Thousand Speculations   [2017]
One Thousand Speculations is a giant mirror ball measuring 7.9 meters in diameter, made up of one thousand mirrors. Suspended by a construction crane against the  skyline of Bordeaux, the monumental installation reflects light in all possible directions for miles around. The fragmented and glistening light it produces transforms the landscape and creates a new experience of the city. Each sparkle dances in the night following the downtempo rhythm of the rotating ball, scanning walls, mappingtrajectories in the streets and illuminating unexpected details for a fleeting moment. The artwork sheds a new light on the architectural historyof the city and offers a myriad   of meditations to the wanderer.
When one watches closely, each glimmer of light seems like a loose page detached from a book, flying away in the wind. The word speculation finds its roots in latin speculum, translated literally as “mirror.” Mille spéculations displays an array of reflections to contemplate.

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