Dendrites   [2017]
Corten steel, galvanized steel
International Civil Aviation Organization Plaza, City of Montreal.
Dendrites are branched projections of a neuron, which propagate cerebral stimulations; the term is derived from the Greek dendron, which means relative to the trees. The two sculptures Dendrites reproduce this microscopic phenomenon at the landscape scale, while recalling large trees’ barrels. Climbing the steps of these trees allows passers-by to inhabit the landscape and reconnect with its surroundings. Passers-by animate the work – like the foliage of a tree.


2017-dendrites-01-micheldebroin 2017-dendrites-00-micheldebroin2017-dendrites-03-micheldebroin 2017-dendrites-04-micheldebroin 2017-dendrites-05-micheldebroin 2017-dendrites-09-micheldebroin2017-dendrites-07-micheldebroin