Dissipation on a Turn

Eva Meyer Gallery

24.10.15 - 05.12.15

Paris, France


Solo Exhibition
Galerie Eva Meyer
5 rue des HAUDRIETTES / 75003 Paris

Opening 22.10.2015
6 pm – 10 pm

Dissipation on a Turn marks the time of a double inauguration. A first collaboration between Eva Meyer and Michel de Broin and the installation in a new gallery space in Marais.

Dissipation on a Turn [2015]
Metal stools, wood, metal clamps

The work that gives its name to the exhibition, Dissipation sur le virage(2015, “dissipation on the turn”) is an organism in itself, tentacular, seemingly endless, an almost coral-like concretion of metal stools. This rhizomatic structure foils the useful origin of its material to better project it into the universe of circulations and dynamics. From one turn to the other, the alternation of accelerations and decelerations generates a form of inebriation comparable to the energy expended to recover its balance. The dissipation of energy is also at work in the exhibition’s smallest piece, Embrase-moi (2013, “set me ablaze”, a play on words with embrasse-moi, “kiss me”), a small graphic electrical resistance set ablaze: anyone who comes up against it, burns himself on it. The artist knows how to sustain the feeling of necessity generated by his humorous stagings of the crisis of the real. (Bénédicte Ramade, 2015)

michel-de-broin-2015_dissipation_01 michel-de-broin-2015_vaccumorgy_II michel-de-broin-2015_vaccumorgy_III michel-de-broin-2015_vaccumorgy_II-III michel-de-broin-2015_2013_beamtealight_01 michel-de-broin-2015__2013_embrase-moi_01 michel-de-broin-2015_drunkated_01 michel-de-broin-2015_drunkated_02