Feature: Contemporary Art Fair


22.10.15 - 25.10.15

Toronto, ON


Speaking of controlled skidding, Drunkated Buckyball (2015) resembling a geodesic structure, would seem to be an unstoppable system. The cocktail stirrers that form it deregulate the ordered assembly with their animal and corporate ornaments, their cheerful colors of intoxication. A tightrope walker’s exercise, these fragile specimens of a collection signaling drift fool their world. Molded in bronze and painted, the delicate instruments have undergone a shaping that twists them. A modus operandi that is decidedly favored by the artist whose wanderings of the mind appear to be crystallized in the center of space in this metal circuit crossed by chromatic interruptions, between a memory card and a competition track. (Bénédicte Ramade, 2015)

left to right:
Drunkated Isocahedron [2015], 90 x 90 x 90 cm
Drunkated ll (rising) [2015], 8 x 8 x 140 cm
Drunkated lll (geodesic) [2015], 30 x 30 x 30 cm
Drunkated I (explode) [2015], 30 x 30 x 53 cm