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Dentrite   [2016]
Steel, paint
6,75 x 7,50 x 5,30 m
Fond Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Within the context of the Labyrinthe du Parc Central, Dendrite—a reference to the branched structure of the neurons that constitute our minds—provides visitors with the opportunity to climb above the encompassing walls of the maze, giving the chance to see the architecture of their pathway to the centre (as well as the vibrant surrounding landscape of the Plateau de Kirchberg), and, to preemptively observe their subsequent path to the exterior. The sculpture’s tree-like structure, requires visitors to choose a particular path to climb. As one ascends the stairway, they encounter a point where they must choose one path that leads directly to an observation point, or select a second pathway that then also requires a further decision. A thought in the brain travels through dendrites much like a human ascending the sculpture and both inevitably lead to the goal of processing the structures of our world. Each of its branches extends in a different direction, allowing for a panoramic view of the surrounding gardens, art works, and architecture. From outside of the Labyrinthe, visitors and passersby will be able to see the top of the tree-like form, reaching above the walls of the maze from all directions.

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