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Silent Shouts   [2008]
Épreuve giclée
51 x 75 cm

La série photographique explore des moments capturés dans le transport en commun où des passagers sont entrelacés avec les inscriptions inintelligibles qui recouvrent les fenêtres. La technique de gravure sur verre utilisée rappelle celle employée par les premiers hommes sur les murs des cavernes. Les migrants journaliers, dans leur théâtralité quotidienne, sont embrouillés par le bourdonnement scriptural des gravures qui crient violemment leur présence brute.

Michel de Broin – Galerie Donald Browne, Montreal
06.09.08 – 11.10.08
Berlin- and Montreal-based artist Michel de Broin has an uncanny knack for making lyrical connections between elemental mechanics and modern life. A case in point is “USURE MENTAL,” an exhibition of new sculpture and photos currently featured at Galerie Donald Browne, which wryly points out some surprisingly obvious common ground in primal urges and mass communication. De Broin’s photo series Silent Shouts reconsiders basic forms of communication in images of heavily etched windows from public transportation vehicles. It’s a thoughtfully observant reading of the innate human need for expression, from the Paleolithic drawings of the Lascaux caves to the stylized painting of graffiti art, and one can’t help but see the inescapable irony that these hastily scratched messages are parts of a legitimate if subversive contemporary visual language all-too-easily overlooked as simple vandalism. – Canadian Art

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