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War of Freedom   [2014]
Bronze, guns, composite materials
67 x 64 x 66 cm
Crédit photo: Rémi Thériault

Rather than accusing the barbarian acts of totalitarianism, Memorial to Victims of Communism ineffectively assigns blame to an abstract notion. The ideologically polarized fiction of the Cold War commonly led one to tackle an evilly portrayed opponent. Yet, in a world engendered by a complex system of exchange that authorizes the free flow of over 1 billion firearms, it is difficult to establish the casualties of a liberal pathology. In response to the unnuanced erection of the memorial in Ottawa, the exhibition Monument to Victims of Liberty offers diversity with point of views that levy against the controversy of this political endorsement, which remains without perspective.

About the work – “A violent environment produces violent people. Violence propagates like a virus. When the state, the police and the army use violence against citizens, they spread the virus throughout the whole society. The violence infects everybody, regardless of whether they are good, bad, or indifferent. Those who are not immune become violent when they experience it. The gun industry is the main point of dissemination of the virus. What kind of immunology will work against violence? Love? Art? Nobody can say for sure. But how to cure a society in which the economy is inextricably bound up with violence, that needs violence to reproduce itself?” (Michel de Broin)

Monument to Victims of Liberty