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La conduite des conduites 
Galerie Division   [2018]
This exhibition proposes an interplay between the modeling of behaviour (the term “conduites” in french means ‘pipe’ but also ‘behaviour’ – in this case of objects or bodies) and the channeling of emotional responses, flows and energy. Using common objects – furniture, pipes, flanges, and light bulbs – the artist defamiliarizes technical systems, deforming, rupturing or boring holes in otherwise recognizable forms and encouraging the viewer to untangle each object’s contradictions. The curves and sinuosities of his conduits pit dynamic circulation against the sight of resistance or dissipation. Disturbing the expectations of industrial systems and their promise of efficiency, optimization and innovation, the artist imagines the mechanical differently from the one we encounter in our daily life. The works open gaps in the world, introducing flaws and spaces freed from the causality shaping our relationship with design. Sentient bodies lurk behind these ostensibly technical objects. While we expect them to function and produce, the unpredictable assemblages escape the world of things in search of new and sensitive possibilities.


Anomaly  IV et III [2018]
Melted bronze, galvanized steel and copper plating, 280 x 280 x 140 cm

Anomaly II [2018]



Anomalie I [2018]



Twilight #121, #265 and #168

Twilight #265

Twilight #121

Twilight #168


Universal Plug and Play   [2018]
Polymer, fiberglass, epoxy, nylon fiber, base, 126 x 52 x 64 cm
Inspired by a network protocol of the same name used to facilitate the connection of peripheral devices, the sculpture is similar to a universal joint providing the opportunity for pipes of different shapes to connect.



Tube    [2018]
Archival pigment print, acrylic face-mount, 100 x 66 cm
Comfortably installed on an executive-style desk chair a tube is rolled into itself, and open at each of its extremities. The tube skews the distinction between interior and exterior.