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One Thousand Speculations   [2017]
Metal structure, 1000 mirrors, 5 floodlights, crane
7.9 m in diameter
Contemporary art rote of the city of Bordeaux
Curator José-Manuel Gonçalvès, Photographs par Pierre Planchenault, fabrication AF Magnum

Thousand Speculations is a disco ball of 7.9 m in diameter set with a thousand mirrors. Suspended from a crane in the sky of Bordeaux, this sculpture of extraordinary dimensions reflects the light for miles. Each burst of light makes a majestic sweep of the city, lining the walls in the night, extending its trajectory in the streets and illuminating for brief moments an unexpected detail. The work thus proposes by the light it reflects a new reading of the built heritage, or a thousand dreams to the walker. Contemplating them, these sparkles of light seem to travel like the pages of a book detaching from their binding, carried away by the wind. The word speculation comes from the Latin speculum which means mirror. The thousand speculations offer a multitude of reflections to look at.