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Stick to Resist   [2003]
Electrical magnet, battery, keyboard, electro-luminescent diodes, charger, carrying case
18 x 29 x 20 cm
Collection of the National Gallery of Canada

This sculpture, equipped with a battery and a memory, has a degree of autonomy and can stick to any metallic surface thanks to its high-capacity electrical magnet. It has an electronic signature, which enables the user to arm and disarm the magnet. Without the identification number needed to activate it, it is impossible to move this sculpture, which is solidly installed in a public space. When the electrical magnet is activated, a clock shows how long the batteries will last.  The work, by resisting, manifests its presence and stands solidly, all by itself.  The countdown recalls a time bomb but unlike it, when the countdown is over, the electrical magnet falls to the ground.