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Revolutions   [2003]
Aluminum, 500 x 500 x 850 cm
Collection of the City of Montreal, Parc Maisonneuve-Cartier, City of Montreal

This sculpture was inspired by the winding exterior staircases central to Montreal’s architectural identity. By forming a knot, the staircase deconstructs the symbolism of vertical ascension with which it is usually associated. Here, the staircase enters an endless cycle of revolutions, in which whatever goes up must also come down.

Credits: Michel de Broin
Public commission from the city of Montreal, Parc Maisonneuve-Cartier, city of Montreal.
Che Bourgault (fabrication); Guillaume Labelle (geometry); Nicolet, Chartrant, Knoll, and Jean-Pierre Thonney (engineer); Louis Dumontier (foundation)