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Sporophores   [2021]
13 human scale bronze sculptures, installed on 11 sites.
Pierre Dansereau Park, Montreal

Sporophores is formed of 13 naturally oxidized bronze sculptures, reminiscent of the urban infrastructures from which they seem to be sprouting from. They bend and twist, curling up on one another and creating knots, thus binding the site’s industrial past to its new landscaping’s and natural restauration. In the vegetal world, the sporophores are the fruitification of mycelia, the visible reproductive organs of a mushroom. Mycelia are networks of subterranean bodies creating complex distribution webs that foster a sense of community and mutual aid between the various living organisms. Standing on the site neighboring the Université de Montréal’s new science complex, these sculptures draw inspiration from this organic meshwork, whose recent observation has led to show how they precede humans when it comes to networking and sharing.

Foundry Atelier du Bronze; Fondation Infravert; Engineer Latéral